Entry: Is it summer yet? Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well, it seems as the rest of the country swelters under ridiculously hot temperatures and dries to a crisp, we here in the Pacific Northwest are experience the rainiest summer in my memory.  Monsoon season anyone?

It was raining really hard!

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much - I don't have to water my garden, my garden is actually growing, and we're really starting to get a lot of veggies.  In fact, the garden is downright unruly this year!

After a slow start, the plants are really growing gangbusters.  This includes the weeds, and also a lot of volunteer plants and flowers.  The picture below shows my brassicas - brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli.  Really, they're in there somewhere.  Honest.  Also growing in the same vicinity are cosmos, two types of squash (pumpkins and zucchini, I THINK, but it's remotely possible one could be hubbard squash...), one tomato plant and potatoes!  Oh boy.

Lots of greenery

TIP:  If you want to plant a nice flower that attracts bees and never have to plant it again, go for BORAGE.  Each plant spews a gazillion seeds out, and within a couple of years you'll have borage plants popping up in every inch of your garden.  Fortunately, borage seedlings are easy to pull, and they even have a pleasant cucumbery smell!  You can even eat the flowers if you so desire!

The potatoes went a little mad this year.  Okay - a lot mad.  We have three types:  yukon gold, reds, and fingerlings.  The reds and the fingerlings went particularly crazy, growing almost four feet high and attempting to spread in every direction.  I think the problem was that they grew tall, then the rain and wind battered them down over some of the other plants and they just kept growing.  And growing.  And growing.  We finally had a decent day and I got out to the garden and pulled the potatoes away from the beans - poor things were feeling a bit smothered!  But now we can walk between them if we wish.

I finally managed to pull the potatoes away from the beans

See the path?!!

Note also the sunflower growing out of the beans!

In other news, we skipped the new incarnation of What the Heck Fest - now called the Anacortes Unknown festival and instead drank a monster margarity and wandered the Shipwreck Day booths.  Much more satisfying!


We saw all sorts of crazy people and insanely overpriced objects.  Seriously people, your things are all right by not that valuable!  Get over yourselves.

$150? No thanks. Though I would have liked it for my garden.

I kind of liked this, but $150?  No thanks.

$95 for the pair?  No thanks!

It's Christine's $95 rusty garden chairs!

$50 for the set?  GET LOST!!!

Land of the Blindfolded

The pair for $3, offered at the end of the day?  YAY!!!

I got the pair for $3!

That's more like it.  

I just think of it as saving humanity from having to look at them.

Unless you visit my home, of course.


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