Entry: It's like this... Sunday, July 08, 2012

We got a dog.

Not just any dog, but the very handsome (and at the moment farty) Syd.  Formally known as Syd Barrett, but generally called Syd, or Mr. Squid.  

Syd Barrett

He came to us in February, and we have been having a great time with him since.  He was in pretty poor shape - very skinny and smelly and quiet.  After some good food, lots of baths, a few visits to the vet, and plenty of love from us, Syd is now very healthy and happy, as you can see!

When Syd is feeling zany, he puts on his blankie!

He's turning out to be a rather large dog too.  We figure he's closing in on two years old - still very much a puppy!  

In other news, Nolan graduated...

Happy Day!

Hard to believe, but it's true!  So proud of him.

I also got a new computer - wooooooooooh!

And off we go with our new computer!

Nicest computer I've ever used - EVER!  It's going to take me a while to figure everything out.  Got my iTunes up and running and music imported today.  Success!  I've really been enjoying it.

And summer is finally here.  Finally.  While the rest of the country boiled and burned, we were stuck here in the endless drudgery of 55 degrees and rain.  For months on end!  Ugh.  The garden is really starting to look good, and we're eating a variety of things now.  

Wow!  We have carrots!!!

Carrots from the garden are so good - they actually have flavor!


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