Entry: Projects... Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stepping away from the computer means I'm working on projects.  Today finished a book - The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch.  It was all right - I will most definitely use it for book talks in the spring.  The story had potential, but fell a little flat.  A little too good to be true.  No problem - I'm sure there are kids looking for that sort of ending.

Also, I managed to finish a small embroidery project.  I found a nice mushroom line drawing a while back, and just pinned the paper I printed it on to the fabric I wanted to stich.  It worked all right, though it wasn't ideal  Here's the finished product...

Michael says it looks like the mushroom is blasting off

Haha.  It does look like it's blasting off!  Probably should have used a lighter thread color for the stem.  Michael says I should add flames and such to the picture.  We'll see...


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