Entry: Time to get serious for a few minutes... Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just shy of 30 minutes, to be exact.

The full video of "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" was released today, and it's worth a watch.  Even though he's the Republican front-runner, it seems that people are looking at each of the other candidates in turn in hopes of finding the best non-Mitt choice.  There really seems to be no other feasible candidates (and in my opinion, they are all awful for one reason or another).  So here you have Mitt Romney - job destroyer and from the looks of it, pathological liar.  

This film was put together by an independent filmmaker, who then offered it up to anybody that would pay for it.  Newt Gingrich was the only one to bite.  Interesting, considering the film not only destroys Mitt Romney but also paints a very bad picture of the current business climate in America.  Kind of strange.  Just watch for yourself, and see what you think.


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