Entry: Geo-ho-ho... Monday, February 07, 2011

Using my geology noodle tonight...

Dating of layers came up in conversation tonight, so I pulled up an image of a cross-section to show Michael how it works.  That led to a nifty online quiz designed for some geology class in New York.  Unfortunately I couldn't get it to calculate my score (probably not compatible with my browser).  But I think I did all right!  Had to guess on a few questions though, because I sure don't know the geology of New York state!

Either way, it was fun little mind exercise and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also think I should take that cross-section picture above and embroider it somewhere.  That would be very cool.

Glacial outwash

Virgin River Gorge

I love rocks.  They have such a solid permanence about them, even though they are ever-changing.  The change is just so miniscule and most often not obvious to our crude sense of sight and time.  I like knowing that they can be relied on to be there, yet could possibly blow at any time!!!

Old Faithful - from a different angle




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