Entry: Oh hello... Sunday, February 06, 2011

I've been away - but not far!  Just lots going on here at home and at work.  

Those mountains are in Canada!!!!!

Last weekend I took a class and learned how to make coasters/trivets from felted sweaters.  The view above was from the house where the class was.  Those mountains are in Canada!!!!  It's amazing what you can see on a clear day.  Here's the trivet I made ~

Felted trivet

It was fun, and the other people there only talked about church twice!  Wheeee... fortunately it didn't get into a discussion of religion.  I was kind of expecting it, anyhow.  But now I know what to do with some of the felted sweaters I've been storing for a while!  And the class was in a house that will be one of the first victims of rising sea level...

We've had some nice weather, and I've been able to walk to work more.  I always feel good when I can walk.  And there's no darn reason not to when the weather is good and I don't have to go to a meeting or shop for a program...

Walk to work - no fog!!!

And speaking of work, I'm starting a very exciting project that will last for the next two years!  Ten librarians have been selected to participate, and I was one of them!  I'm still somewhat floored, and honored!  We received a grant from The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, for a project called "Librarians as Information Guides."  We each get to choose a topic, then design a class to highlight library resources that people can use to get valuable information.  We'll have some intense training, and then when we are ready we'll get to go out and teach our class 12 times!!!!  Have I ever mentioned that 12 is my favorite number?

The zuchinni has a face!

That has nothing to do with the number 12, or my project at work.  But it seems... irrelevant.  Just like all of the other faces people see in inanimate objects!

Big Bang in Toast!

I'll be happy when spring gets here.  This winter has been so gray and gloomy and dark and stinky.  Really.

Waiting for summer fun

Spring?  Anybody... spring?


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