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Sunday, January 30, 2011
Ready for spring...

Okay.  I'm ready.  It can get warm now, and I then I can see things like this...

White light

Alas, I fear it will be a while yet.  Oh well.  I did manage to get out into the garden for a bit today and dig some compost into a couple areas - and might I say, it's MY compost!!!!  Not that store-bought stuff.  No-siree... good old fashioned home made compost for me from now on.

Actaully it's been a bit gloomy around here, but fortunately the rain let up and we've been able to get out a couple of times in the last few days.  I'd go mad otherwise!!!

Foggy beach

I've been walking to work more often, and in general trying to be more active.  So far so good!  I don't stress if I have a day where I don't do much, but when the weather cooperates or I have the time I'm making an effort.  Feeling better already.

The next couple/several months at work are going to be crazy busy.  We're getting a new catalog/circulation system, so we need to be trained up on that and then the transition will occur.  I've also been selected as one of ten librarians for a special training and new programming model for adult programs.  I'm very excited, and feel honored to be selected.  More on that as I learn more - our first meeting is next week.

That's it.  I'm full of a big roast chicken dinner.  Yum.

Posted at 07:35 pm by librarianne
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Posted at 12:12 am by librarianne
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Fox in Sox... on crack!

I used to read this to Nolan when he was little, but my big favorite was the Dr. Seuss ABC...

Best ever!

Posted at 11:17 pm by librarianne
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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Take off!

Okay, I'm back.  Haven't been feeling like writing anything for a while, but wanted to check in and say hello to all of the comment spammers trying to sell cheap fake shoes.

I'm glad you find my blog so fascinating and interesting and educational.  Now TAKE OFF!

Gotta go!

LIfe has been good and busy.  We were hoping to get out for a nice walk this weekend, and are waiting for the weather to clear up a bit.  It's not cooperating at the moment.  Rainy and gloomy - but not too cold!  So that's a good thing.

Here's a fun cartoon for the weekend - enjoy!

My question is, if there's only 144,000 spots for the saved, why are they out going door to door to convert more competition?


Posted at 10:52 am by librarianne
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Holy Crackatoa!

What on earth is going on here?

Michael says it's a young Pete Doherty of the Libertines... I think he looks like he's got a bloody lip from a tussle.

I love the little girl - so nonchalant, and obviously used to her brother's shenanigans...

What these kids need is a BIG-WHEEL!!!!

Posted at 10:08 pm by librarianne
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Monday, December 20, 2010
And now for something completely different...

Good stuff...

Hell yeah!

Posted at 11:35 pm by librarianne
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Sunday, December 19, 2010
It's all about the finger...

Time for another installment of our disorganized, lopsided countdown to Christmas, which I guess is less than a week away.

Keepin' it simple today - and focusing on the finger.  The little children's fingers speak volumes more than their shrieks or looks of terror.

sketchy santa fails - Do You See This Guy?!
see more Sketchy Santas

sketchy santas - Learning From An Early Age
see more Sketchy Santas

Hee hee... how many days left?  Six.  I should be able to come up with some good stuff between now and then.


Posted at 09:52 pm by librarianne
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Saturday, December 18, 2010
Shopping hell

Today we took a trip into Seattle.  It was not to enjoy the holiday cheer, or revel in the season.

We had business.

First, Michael found a mixing desk on Craigslist for an excellent price - no brainer!  One more piece of equipment and he'll be able to record a full band at high quality.  Very good!

The weather was crappy and so was the traffic, but we managed to make it to our destination right on time.  Sale made, everyone happy!

Next it was on to REI.  I had a $68 dividend to spend and though I might be able to find something nice for myself.

Yeah, right.  Whatever.  I am so far removed from the consumer world it isn't even funny!  Most of the 'clearance' items were more expensive than what I had to spend!  And they were all made of strange fabric that doesn't sit well on people that could lose a few pounds...

I looked at shirts, and jackets, and didn't see anything resembling something I might wear.

Socks - maybe socks are the answer - everyone needs socks!  Not at $16 plus per pair though!  I don't care if they're smartwool or geniuswool - I could not justify paying that much for one pair of socks.

I finally settled on a thermarest matress, amazingly on clearance for $49. Two packs of dehydrated food for Nolan, and 93 cents change - done.  When the next dividend comes I'll buy another thermarest (we won't have to borrow anymore!), and that will be that.  I'm not even going to try to shop in person.

The $65 rubber bootswere cool, but no.  I'll stick with thrift store fare, thanks...

Now we're talkiing!!!


Posted at 09:36 pm by librarianne
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Friday, December 17, 2010
Who is that masked man?!!
Santa is bad enough - why the masks?!!!

Aren't the little children frightened enough?  Must we damage them even more?

see more Sketchy Santas

She's not too bad off, but her parents probably just thrust her onto his lap and she's not actually caught a glimpse of him.  Because if she had, she'd probably look more like this little lass!

see more Sketchy Santas


"Garcon!  Garcon!  I want my check!  NOW!!!"

sketchy santa fails - Please Tell Me That's A Mask
see more Sketchy Santas

No comment.  I just don't know.  Santa seems to be thinking of something else.

sketchy santa fails - That Mask Isn't Covering Your Halitosis
see more Sketchy Santas

I guess Santa smells - but we dont' know he's the smelly drunk from the other block over because of the mask.  Clever ploy.

Santa?  Clown?  Clown? Santa?  Creepy...

sketchy santa fails - Dia De Los Presents
see more Sketchy Santas

I wonder what he's planning to cook?  Little children, I suppose.

sketchy santa fails - RUN AWAY! SAVE YOURSELF!
see more Sketchy Santas

My first thought is this looks like a boxing ring, or a corral.  Whatever the case, these youth have obviously NOT looked over their shoulder in a while!  Maybe this Santa is the bood diamond mine boss.

I'm Hoping That The Thing In That Mask Is Human
see more Sketchy Santas

Cannibal - say no more.  This kid ended up as stew.

Let's not forget the masked man is a family man - the holidays are a time for families to get together, enjoy the company of each other, and revel in the joy of the season!

see more Sketchy Santas

I wonder what's in those packages?

sketchy santa fails - He's Looking Into Your Soul
see more Sketchy Santas

And of course, we have shell-shocked Mormon Santa... 

Is that a doll he's holding?


I don't want to know.

Mamacita donde esta Santa Clause

The masks... why?  WHY?!!

Posted at 10:43 pm by librarianne
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Friday, December 10, 2010
Who Needs a Future, Anyways...?
Here in the US, we're looking at an administration that is about to cave in to the pressures of the shameless GOP (Greedy Old Pigs) regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.  Obama has "cut a deal" CAVED to the bastards on the right who are holding a number of items hostage in order to extend the bailout to the wealthy - who really don't need any help at all.

Sigh.  There's probably more, but it makes my head hurt to try and follow all the news.  There's so much going on right now!  Don't even get me going on Wikileaks...

And we Americans are so apathetic.  We sit behind our computers, posting on Facebook (guilty) and whatever else we do here.  We're sitting at home, watching "Dancing With the Stars" (not guilty) or streaming Netflix on our Xbox's (not guilty), all cozy and warm (guilty).  There's still food on the table (never mind the teens that are telling me that their families have money problems, and they get together with other families to pool their food so everyone can eat), and roofs over our heads (for now).

But in other countries, people are speaking out.  Very young people in fact.  Like this young man - only 15 years old.  First, I'm inspired by his fiery passion - and willingness to do something and speak up.  Second, I'm amazed by his speaking ability - I see a future leader here.

Elevate this young man to leadership NOW!

The youth in England are protesting because they see an immediate threat to their ability to gain a good education unless they come from wealth - which most of them don't.  Tuition rates are set to triple, making University education nearly impossible for many of them, unless they go deeply into debt - like we do here in the US!  

Posted by thespyglass

The UK students have gone out en masse to protest the vote to raise tuition rates, and have run into such things as the delightful practice of "kettling" where the police herd protesters into a confined area for hours of uncomfortable misery.  As our very astute young man points out in the video, it's not because they fear hordes of 13-15 year olds running loose in the streets, it's because they don't want them to come back for another protest.

Posted by Paul J Hogan Photography

But return they will.  It's their future at stake, and they are very well aware that a bunch of right-wing politicians who wish nothing for them but to live a life of poverty and ignorance are making decisions that will affect them for years to come.  They are not stupid. 

Shut down London-student anti-tuition fee increase demonstration 10/12/2010Posted by Daniel_C_C

Is education a right?  I believe so.  Should governments be doing everything possible to ensure their citizens have access to a good education?  I believe so.  Especially if governments mean it when they say they want their countries to be able to compete in the global economy and marketplace, and  want their countries to hold maintain  a strong place among other nations.

Lately, I don't think they really mean it much.

And what are American youth doing as our politicians sell out any hope of a reasonable future?  What are American adults doing?

Not much.

I guess times haven't gotten tough enough here for people to notice.  Or to feel compelled to do something.  Sure, it's getting uncomfortable - money is tight, and we all know somebody who's been out of work for a while.  

I'm disappointed with our so-called leaders, who just want to cut assistance but have no solutions to create jobs for the millions of Americans who want to work.  The next person that says employment benefits just encourage people to stay home should be kicked into the next county.  They keep saying that lower taxes on the wealthy will fuel the economy and create jobs - what an effing lie.  Wealthy people horde their money.  They may buy a few nice things like yachts or islands, but wealthy INDIVIDUALS do not put their extra money into creating jobs.  

That is the BIG LIE.  Don't buy into it.

The money bucketPoste by Librarianguish

Posted at 09:56 pm by librarianne
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